The future of Utility Network is here and the time to
migrate is right now. Leverage our 4-phase Utility Network Migration approach to execute a smooth and secure transition from your Geometric Networks. Minimize disruption, ensure a stable operational environment, and be one of the first to capitalize on the benefits of Esri’s Utility Network Management solution.
  • Take the optimal migration path for your networks based on its scale and unique requirements.
  • Collaborate with our Esri Utility Network Management certified GIS Experts with 20 years of domain expertise.
  • Planning and execution that ensures operational continuity and uninterrupted service delivery.
Migrate your networks into the future 
on time and on your terms
  • Processes that leverage Esri’s comprehensive suite of tools for a migration grounded in the latest advancements in GIS technology.
  • Custom Utility Network Modeling to create a bespoke model that adapts the architecture of your existing system to the Esri  Utility Network Management framework.
  • Data validation and error detection using advanced tools to ensure the highest quality in your Utility Network.

4-phase Utility Network Migration approach to guarantee a seamless transition

Our detail-oriented and process-driven approach ensures a cost-effective and efficient Utility Network Migration that’s tailored to your needs.

Strategic road mapping

Our strategic roadmap leverages the ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension to lay the foundation for your successful migration. We set out a detailed blueprint incorporating data governance strategies aligning with ArcGIS Pro capabilities. We customize your migration roadmap and put in place processes that enable us to execute a controlled transition that prioritizes data integrity and system continuity.
  • Clear plans, realistic budgets and sensible timelines.
  • Optimal resource allocation
  • Custom roadmaps

Readiness assessment

Our comprehensive readiness audit program spots potential challenges, dependencies, and irregularities in your current Geometric Network source data. Our team ensures your data is normalized and the schema is optimally mapped to the Utility Network's advanced feature set, preparing you for a smooth transition with minimal risk.
  • Customized implementation to align with your goals and capacity.
  • Detailed assessment to ensure total compatibility and readiness for the advanced environment of Esri Utility Network Management

Migration and implementation

We manage your migration using automated data transformation services to enable swift and secure data migration. We guarantee high-fidelity data transfer with geoprocessing tools designed for accuracy and the Utility Network Toolbox for comprehensive data management and analysis.
  • High-fidelity data migration backed by stringent quality control measures.
  • In-house custom workflows and tasks to automate mapping and data-loading activities.
  • Processing through our utility networks Rule-Engine and an enhanced error inspector tool to uphold the highest migration standards.


We validate your new Utility Network to ensure your assets are properly associated. Our team tests it against operational metrics using network topology and analytic capabilities to ensure system reliability and user adoption.
  • Post-migration validation processes to ensure your networks have accurate data mappings and feature base.
  • Thoroughly tested against performance benchmarks to confirm that the system operates at peak efficiency.
  • Incorporates user feedback to provide comprehensive validation.

Connect your networks to the future,
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