Accurate measurement, mapping, and modeling, streamlined data conflation and transformation to optimize your operations

From data acquisition to modeling, we are your end-to-end geospatial partner. Our services can be customized, deployed, and scaled efficiently to match your unique requirements. Maximize the potential of your business by enhancing it with precise mapping data of your real-world assets and their environments.

    • Automate processes for better efficiency

      Custom-built tools to automate processes specific to your project, leading to faster delivery and projects completed within your customer's budget.

    • Increase ROI

      Optimize costs with our high offshore leverage on data development and managed services on projects.

    • Collaborate with subject matter experts

      Multidisciplinary team of experts with 20 years of expertise in 2D and 3D mapping projects.

    • Reduce time to market

      Remote services delivery governance framework (Mpower) to track project status, share inputs, provide feedback, and access reports in real-time. Our experts and custom built solutions will work in sync with your team to reduce response times.

    • Leverage cutting-edge technologies

      Domain experts empowered with digital capabilities, such as twin model creation, BIM services, 3D data analytics, and AI/ML.


Explore our wide array of mapping services

Land Use and Urban Mapping

Topography and Planimetry

Get highly accurate representation of land features for comprehensive geomorphological and topographical analysis. Work with extremely precise LiDAR data on topography, vegetation, and infrastructure. Process and analyze high-precision information to monitor changes associated with land use or land cover.

  • Terrain Modeling
  • Land Use / Land Cover
  • Contour Generation
City Modeling

Get accurate 3D Modeling and Mapping data. Gain valuable geospatial insights, accelerate your planning process, and make better-informed decisions about your real-world assets.

  • 3D Stereo Mapping
  • 3D-City Modeling
  • Indoor Modeling
  • Architectural Modeling

Boost your competitive advantage by reducing the time taken to make decisions and enhance your planning for sustainable development. Make land dimensions more accurate and precise for city planning and tax management.

  • Parcel Transformation
  • Data Conflation
  • County Mapping
  • Cadastral Updates and Corrections
  • Map Validations

Network Mapping

Electric, Gas, and Water

Map your networks accurately with high-precision mapping. Enhance your knowledge of your assets' condition and support mission-critical applications with precise micro-level information. Improve your competitive advantage, reduce downtime and increase ROI.

  • Electric Utility Mapping
  • Pipeline Mapping
  • Underground and Aboveground Mapping
Telecom Networks

Update and manage your wireline and wireless networks with our proven telecom network mapping capabilities. Provide your subscribers with reliable services and enable them to communicate and connect innovatively.

  • Data Capture
  • Asset Mapping
  • Field Mapping
  • Network Updates

Transform your transport infrastructure with our advanced AI-based digital mapping and network optimization services. Provide your citizens with a safer and more predictable commute, and accelerate your autonomous R&D and deployment programs with our precision HD Mapping services.

  • Road, Rail, and Tracks Mapping
  • High-Definition Mapping
  • Validation and Verification

Image Processing

Transform images from multiple sources and sensors into valuable geospatial data mosaics. Get accurate and detailed information about the changes in the environment around your assets. Create a ready reference to keep track of ground reality and for historical analysis. Enhance your ability to execute precise parcel mapping, GIS-enabled tax planning, change detection, and proximity analysis.

  • True Orthophoto Generation
  • UAV Image Processing
  • Multi-Spectral Image Processing (MSS)
  • Multi-Band Ortho Processing-(RGB-CIR)
  • Mosaic Creation
Data Migration and Conflation

Leverage the power of automation to convert and conflate data efficiently. Convert data from disparate legacy sources into an intelligent digital form using advanced geospatial technologies. Migrate and conflate data from multiple sources and sensors, and align existing data sets with spatially accurate maps to better understand the environment around your real-world assets.

  • Utility Data Conflation
  • Engineering Drawing Conversion
  • Survey Data Conversion
  • Navigation Database

Our Mapping Techniques

  • Stereo Photogrammetry
  • LiDAR
  • Terrestrial Laser
  • Panoramic Imagery
  • Vertical and Oblique Sensors
  • Aerial, Satellite, and Mobile Sensors
  • Radar and Bathymetry
  • Underground Detection Sensors

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