Optimize the operations of your utility networks, and deliver reliable, sustainable energy services to your customers

We build, draft, plan, and map utility networks that enable you to improve your networks' operations, design, and engineering. Our services are designed to reduce delays in field operations, ensure compliance with regulatory standards, and address vulnerabilities that cause outages. Conquer the challenges most utility providers face and transition from a legacy network to a future-ready one with actionable geospatial insights.

Comprehensive services for
Electric Transmission and Distribution | Oil & Gas Pipeline Corridors
Water and Wastewater Distribution | Renewable Energy
Streamline the inspection and management of assets
  • Optimize asset inspection and maintenance across the network, regardless of location.
  • Mitigate latency and integrate data efficiently to support business workflows.
  • Reduce the time taken to plan your network with accurate and complete digital insights of your asset network.
  • Improve life cycle management and take informed decisions.
Manage data efficiently
  • Enhance power outage management with real-time data mapping.
  • Improve workflows and automate activities with a seamless and integrated data view.
Reduce emergency response times
  • Minimize time taken to respond to outages with on-demand data.
  • Repair damaged assets faster by proactively identifying potential risks.
  • Prioritize mitigation efforts and list high-risk locations using utility GIS content and/or Digital Twins.
Increase ROI
  • Consolidate disparate data into a single source of truth and reduce the recurring costs of updating and maintaining multiple data sets.
  • Lower costs by getting a real-time view of your assets, plans, compliance issues, and high-demand areas in one place.
  • Avoid potential violations and penalties by meeting all regulatory and compliance standards.


Explore our comprehensive GIS services

We leverage cutting-edge GIS technologies like 3D mapping, imaging, and LiDAR to provide a bouquet of geospatial services that transform utility workflows. Partner with us to ensure safety, reduce O&M costs, and significantly enhance your network efficiency.

Vegetation Management
  • 3D Mapping & Analytics to identify encroachments, critical distances & risks
  • Maintain NERC FAC003-4 Compliance
  • Remote monitoring to proactively eliminate vegetation threats
Asset Management
  • LiDAR mapping of asset inventory
  • Virtual inspections and asset integrity health monitoring
  • AI-powered analytics for change detection to determine and mitigate risks
Design and Engineering
  • Transmission Line Modeling
  • Thermal Rating Analysis
  • Upgrade Engineering
  • As-Built inspections
Utility Pole Joint Use
  • Pole inventory LiDAR mapping
  • Pole Load Analysis for 5G deployments
  • Actionable insights from drone, LiDAR, aerial, and satellite data sources
Distribution Intelligence
  • Network growth modeling
  • Data Enrichment (repositioning, quality enhancement)
  • Change detection
  • ArcGIS Utility Network Management
Renewable Energy Assessment
  • Data insights for alternative energy potential assessment - land use, slope, biodiversity, regulatory requirements
  • Data services for Energy Integration and EV grids


Accurate, engineering-ready utility maps:
How we created vector basemaps and topographic mapping workflows of water, storm and sanitary lines
Analyzing vegetation encroachment:
How we created accurate map books with encroachment details of 5000+ linear miles of transmission lines

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