Interoperable, scalable, and flexible land and urban data management services to increase your productivity and reduce costs

We have 20 years of experience creating multiple mapping databases of city and rural, semi-urban and urban properties across the globe. We specialize in converting heavy 3D engineering data into platform and device-agnostic lightweight high-fidelity files. We also excel at creating 3D maps ranging from LOD 2 to LOD 5 using our proprietary 3D city framework and processing tools. Save time and money through automation, generate new revenue streams, and increase efficiency with our scalable and customizable services.

Comprehensive Geospatial Services for
Real Estate Asset Management | Property Assessment and Taxation
| Urban Planning | Economic and Community Development | City-Level Administration
    • Utilize highly precise data

      Get accurate measurement and analysis of land cover and land use data. Use 3D maps with level of detail from LoD 2 to LoD 5, and accuracy levels up to 5 cm or better.

    • Increase revenue

      Find new revenue sources from taxes, transaction fees, and document/data purchases. Maximize revenue from individuals and businesses.

    • Minimize project costs

      Automate the collection, processing, and analysis of geographical data to save time and money. Integrate cadastral procedures, improve processes, and enhance worker efficiency to keep costs down. Comply with standards and codes to avoid potential violations and penalty fees.

    • Customized to your specifications

      High-quality deliverables, maps, and reports using exactly the information you and your clients need.

    • Work with big but light data

      Convert resource-intensive 3D engineering data into lightweight files that can be ingested quickly by platforms and devices without losing fidelity. Integrate it seamlessly with 3rd party platforms, devices, and sensors.


Explore our services across land acquisition, title, and land management

Cadastral Mapping
Geological Mapping
Topographic Mapping
Flood Modeling
Change Detection Mapping
Infrastructure Mapping (Rail, Road, Buildings)
Land Use/ Land Cover Mapping
Civil 3D Mapping & 3D City Modeling Solutions
Digital Conversion of Land Records
River Mapping
Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
Orthophoto Mosaics (Aerial & Satellite)

Natural Resources
Utilities | Oil & Gas
Land Administration Planning & Development Transportation
Location Based Services
Engineering Services


Creating smart cities using 3D City Models:
How we used AI/ML for change detection and studied the transformation of London city over the last three years
Accurate parcel data network:
How we used COGO methodology and PLSS standards to create consistent and precise cadastral features of Lake County, Illinois
Airport BIM Modeling:
How we leveraged the integration of an asset-focused BIM Model with a Digital Twin to enhance planning

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