Enhance your autonomous intelligence, scale up your map functionality, and accelerate your time to market

Our unbeatable experience, robust partner network, and scalable resources help us deliver accurate and dependable services that empower the future of mobility. We design customized, efficient, and cost-effective maps regardless of location and scale, using geospatial data from any source. We also create and maintain map data layers that contain road geometry and data libraries that add navigational attributes to your map so that you can provide turn-by-turn directions for your users.

Create a better experience for your customers through increased safety and smart navigation with our autonomous and navigation data services.

Comprehensive geospatial services for
Autonomous | Transportation | Last Mile Logistics | Location Based Start-Ups
    • Optimize your ADAS features for real-world scenarios and improve user safety

      Test your ADAS features and autonomous vehicles on accurate 3D models and HD maps to equip them for ground reality. Take advantage of smart layers, regular road network feature updates, auto change detection and auto processing to enhance map performance, improve user safety and streamline map maintenance. (NDStandards, Levels of Automation - L3 -L5, Safety.)

    • Enhance the safety of your end-user

      Use quality >99% data of local, regional, and country-level maps to increase safety, provide smart navigation and elevate your end-user experience.

    • Adapt faster to real-world changes

      Utilize high-precision 3D reference maps and localized HD maps that follow global standards. Our Glocal HD framework enables efficient HD Map maintenance and faster adaptation to real-world changes using smart layers that incorporate road geometry, markings, signs & speeds and other supportive features like poles, trees, and buildings.

    • Obtain data and services customized to your needs

      Work with highly accurate maps in industry-standard formats or customized to your requirements. We produce precise and detailed maps for small and large projects, either as a one-time or ongoing project with regular maintenance and updates.

    • Get actionable business insights

      Transform geospatial data from multiple sources into actionable business insights to improve predictability and safety, increase operational efficiency, optimize routes, cut down time and costs, and strengthen business processes.


Explore our range of Autonomous and Navigation services

Map Creation
  • HD Maps Comprehensive services that range from Level-0 for creating standard navigation routing maps to Level-4 with advanced features for High Automation
  • Data compatible with Navigation Data Standard (NDS), Driver Assistance Systems
  • Interface Specification (ADASIS) v2.0
  • 3D Maps
  • Last Mile Mapping
  • Indoor Navigation Maps
  • Controlled Area Mapping (both indoor & outdoor)
Map Enhancement
  • Existing Road Features extraction and updation
  • Labeling and Annotation
  • Points of Interest (POI)
Map Validation
  • Data Curation and Maintenance (POI & AOI)
  • Change Detection, Verification, and Validation
  • Navigation and Cartographic feature maintenance
  • Periodic and on-demand updates for specific attributes
  • Auto Change Detection
  • Auto Processing to enhance productivity
  • Autonomous Parking Solutions


Accurate and reliable annotation and labeling:
How our annotated datasets helped an automobile technology leader enhance their ADAS functions
High-quality training datasets:
How our HD maps helped enhance the fleet safety and efficiency of a leading autonomous delivery service provider

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