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3D models and city planning

Efficient urban planning is critical for urban growth management. Using land in the most effective way helps in planning for more green spaces. Smart planning also focuses on restoring infrastructure: as infrastructure ages, it becomes less reliable, causing inconvenience like delay in transport due to traffic congestion, repeated power outages, safety hazards etc.

To achieve more precision in urban planning, urban planners are moving from 2D view of cities to 3D. They are looking at maps which include features such as roads or building footprints not only in the x,y but in x, y and z. Urban planners need to know where roads go up and down, the height of hills, the shape, height, volume and complex interior infrastructure of buildings and much more. A 3D city map is the answer to such questions.

3D mapping enables town planners to get a more realistic view of the city and simulate future scenarios, helping them to plan their services better. Planners can run new types of analyses in 3D, for example, they can see how a building casts shadows on its surroundings. Accordingly, they can decide where best to plant trees to mitigate heat in the area. 3D simulations can also help planners to understand how a future development will impact its surroundings. The list of benefits of 3D city mapping is endless.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in many urban planning challenges to the cities. To meet the demands of the economic and social changes, urban planners need to create new policies around population density per unit area. They now need to plan new infrastructure for better telecom connectivity, healthcare and social distancing. They even need to find ways to incorporate alternate modes of transport infrastructure such as for bikes and pedestrians, and plan for more open public spaces like parks, watersheds, forests in the heart of the city in order to promote a more sustainable environment for the citizens. Such careful planning can only be realized if city governments have the latest data about their environments at their disposal. They need accurate 3D city models to look ahead and take the right decisions for the new age urban planning.

3D mapping and navigation

Not only urban planning and smart city infrastructure development but 3D maps are revolutionizing navigation experiences as well. It is necessary for a vehicle to ensure that the route it plans to take is safe and clear. This is what a navigation app promises to provide but how accurately this information is made available to the driver makes the difference. 3D maps can include junction views which can provide an additional visual aid to the driver before and during a maneuver. These maps can also include 3D landmarks and icons. Presence of noteworthy structures and monuments greatly enhance the user orientation while making the maps visually more appealing.

3D maps also enhance pedestrian navigation. These maps help in achieving higher road safety and in-depth assessment of hazards. 3D POI maps (Point of Interest) present a more realistic picture to the pedestrians with respect to what lies ahead. They provide more efficient representation of geometry information than conventional 2D maps.

Currently most roads in the world are covered through 2D maps. These maps, while serving the purpose of navigation for a large number of apps, have their limitations in accuracy. 3D maps provide enhanced visual depiction of the reality. They enable the travelers to see the things ‘as it is’ more effectively. 3D POI maps allow safer navigation for pedestrians as well as automobiles. They are a must for self-driving vehicles.

3D modelling and mapping with Magnasoft

Magnasoft has extensive experience in mapping over 20 million buildings and roofs across the globe. Having mapped more than 4000 sq. km area of buildings, terrains and vegetation using (Level of Detail) LOD 300 with an accuracy of 15cm and even lesser, makes us one of the most preferred providers of 3D modelling and 3D city mapping services. Our 3D city mapping services help the government bodies to focus on compact development and correct usage of land where space is limited. The process of creating 3D maps from images captured through various sources is a process that requires expert level skills and in-depth understanding of the technologies involved. Keeping in view the safety concerns associated with navigation, you must choose your 3D maps service provider wisely. With a wide range of success stories in our repertoire, we can give you the assurance of being in the best hands.

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