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We are now in the era of ‘smart airports’, which along with location intelligence are using advanced technologies like IoT, GPS and sensors to enhance operational efficiency and passenger experience. 

Smart airports are becoming ‘a place to be’ for travelers. These airports, using smart technologies are able to scale new heights in facility management & asset management, thereby providing the users with the pleasure of shorter check-in queues, more streamlined security procedures, easier wayfinding and real-time updates. Geospatial remains an important enabler in this dynamic scenario.

Seamless Operations

For the smart airports to function smoothly, many complex activities are to be managed most effectively.  GIS enables the stakeholders to easily integrate dynamic information from different systems, thus providing them with a comprehensive view of the major airport operations, if not all. This detailed and integrated view allows easy and quick identification of the bottlenecks, leading to faster, more informed decisions for smooth operations.

Better infrastructure management

For maximizing revenue generation, airports need to ensure that the space available is used optimally. They need to ensure optimum management of their terminal and landside real estate, while providing enhanced customer experience. GIS and allied technologies help the airports to get more from their infrastructure. Using highly accurate 3D models, as provided by experts like Magnasoft, the smart airports can achieve unmatched performance in airfield inspections, pavement management, terminal work orders, runway signage and more. Geospatial technologies can help airports significantly in controlling costs and optimizing asset performance. This better management of assets eventually leads to better preservation and prolonged life cycle of the most valuable assets.

Enhanced safety and security

Geospatial technologies help in increasing situational awareness. Accurate 3D models of the airports along with GIS systems enable the security personnel to have a better grip over the landscape of the building at all times. They are able to quickly identify problems and take corrective actions, thus avoiding major catastrophes. 

Ensuring positive passenger journeys

Passengers remain at the heart of the airport operations. Rich demographic and mobility data allows airports to gain enhanced understanding of the passenger movements and behaviors. Using this knowledge, they can expand their catchment areas and better customize the customer experiences. Geospatial facilitates positive airport passenger experiences.

Smarter designs

Integration of GIS, CAD and BIM data leads to smarter designs of airports, ensuring careful land use and environmental planning. 

Easier access to information

Large volumes of data come through the network of sensors, beacons and cameras in a smart airport. This data can be analyzed to increase efficiency. With smart technologies in place, travelers can receive important information about flight delays and other important updates. On reaching the airport, they can receive information about closest parking slots available and when inside the airport, they can benefit from alerts on gate changes, boarding status, baggage claim information and more. 

3D maps make it easier for travelers to locate terminals, food options, restrooms, and other important locations right from a mobile device. With technologies like Augmented Reality in place, these experiences are becoming more enjoyable and useful.


Customer expectations from airports are rising. As airports prepare for effective functioning in the post COVID world, the answer lies in digital re-engineering. Airport data analytics is one of the major instruments that would change airport operations. Automated communication, real-time data, GIS, 3D modelling, AR/VR are the technologies that will drive this change. Integration of these technologies in airport construction & management will lead to immaculate precision in visualization, enabling the stakeholders to get a clearer picture at every stage. This accuracy & timely analysis will lead to better and more informed decisions.

On the basis of our vast experience in delivering optimal solutions for a large number of airports at global level, we are enthused to become a preferred partner in this growth journey. Our Airport Solutions will surely pave way for better managed airports & happier travelers. 

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