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Indoor location mapping is a name that indicates the mechanism, which allows positioning objects and people in closed environments. Indoor mapping software allow sensors to track  internal environments. Sensors in certain spots work together to collect information, which helps businesses to obtain data in real-time about what’s happening in a closed environment. This knowledge helps in better decision-making and providing enhanced user experiences.

How does indoor mapping work?

Indoor mapping technology is a combination of different technologies, GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth. Together, they work to help businesses identify users’ positions (device carriers), specific destinations, and other assets. Due to the lack of precision in previous technologies, indoor mapping focuses on combining the previous mechanisms with sensitive technologies – vision, footprints, head points, etc.

Businesses can obtain satisfactory results by deploying a combination of varied technologies that mainly includes:

Proximity positioning: It is based on direct contact or a range of proximity between a receiver and a device. One of the common examples using proximity position is the distance between wifi and a smartphone.

Trilateration positioning: This technology involves determining a position by knowing an object’s distance from at least 3 known points. The reference points are radio wave emitters that use signal strength to determine the distance between two objects.

Fingerprint positioning: Fingerprint positioning technology leverages signal strength measurements across different venues determining the position of an object. These signal strengths are mainly measured, along with coordinates for each, and then saved to a database.

Motion positioning: The technology uses smartphone technology to measure components. Accelerometers, gyroscope sensors, and magnetometers are the three components to measure, determine, and calculate the position in a physical space. Data used through these mechanisms provide accurate device coordinates.

Near-field Communication: Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that can strategically be placed throughout venues. NFC Internal enables an easy data transfer for indoor navigation systems just by touching tags spread over a building or a complex. 

Bluetooth low energy devices: These devices are small battery-powered devices that emit Bluetooth signals, making it possible to establish an object’s location accurately.

A few common technologies: Other technologies included are visible light communication, ultrasound devices, and wifi access points. All these technologies work together with various applications to identify and track an asset’s position.

Benefits of indoor mapping

Within a large complex building, navigation typically relies on building signage, information from kiosks and getting assistance from information desks. With advancement of mobile devices and wireless technology, indoor positioning systems are providing more enjoyable experience inddors. Indoor mapping technology is largely helping in navigation in closed environments. 

Some important benefits of 3D indoor mapping are:

Fastest routes: Indoor mapping tools allow calculation of the fastest route between two points. You can apply it in stores and shopping centers, where you can quickly locate any person or asset from your device—the greater the size of the establishment, the greater the utility of these applications.

Crowd management: Knowing the exact location of people and objects in real-time can allow us to know which points have more agglomeration. Thus, the technology helps us to discover the alternative routes. Additionally, such information can help the authorities to better manage crowds and avoid possible chaos in case of emergencies.

Improves decision-making and user experience: Data collected in real-time help businesses to improve the decision-making process. Better traffic management helps customers to have a better experience indoors.

Popular application areas of indoor mapping solutions

Indoor mapping technologies allow you to position objects and people in closed environments. The features of mobile indoor mapping are especially essential in hospitals, airports, shopping malls, etc. since at any given point of time, these buildings house a lot of people. Indoor mapping helps in better crowd management and easy navigation.

Shopping Malls

One of the most popular uses of indoor mapping is in shopping malls. Be it locating stores or finding the hotspots of sale, a handy indoor map enhances the shopping experience multifold. The technology can guide the shopper with real-time turn-by-turn navigation. Businesses can enhance the user experience by including more details in the indoor map, such as prices, stock, and promotions. It not only saves time but also helps the workers to fulfill orders more efficiently.

Indoor maps also help in easily locating the emergency routes in case of fire or any other emergency. Keeping in view these benefits of indoor mapping technology, more and more shopping malls are adopting the same. 


Stadiums are complex facilities that use plenty of indoor mapping software. The solutions can tell visitors precisely about their seating area, show line lengths, and guide them to the correct location. Stadium owners can use this technology with the flexibility you need to update maps quickly.

Office Spaces

Smart office buildings are moving towards indoor mapping technology with wifi integrations and mobile apps to enhance the user experience. Indoor mapping tools can help you to set up the workspace more efficiently with changing layouts for more productivity.

Moreover. indoor mapping solutions allow businesses to easily visualize their workplace and make adjustments that adhere to social distancing guidelines. Firms can make edits to their office floor plan using this technology and experiment with different layouts.


When it comes to using indoor mapping services, parks also need them to enhance the visitor experiences. Users can use the maps to enter their destination in the app and follow the directions. Using the indoor maps, parents can quickly reunite with their children in case of emergencies.

Why Magnasoft for indoor mapping?

Magnasoft offers a broad set of indoor mapping technology services to capture location data that underpin 2D and 3D indoor maps to support business-critical decisions. We work closely with IoT manufacturers. This helps us to understand the business needs and provide the best possible solution to a business problem. With 5,000+ projects completed of airports, campuses, manufacturing, and processing plants, we are known as one of the best indoor mapping companies. We take pride in providing the best 3D indoor mapping services for leading mapping companies of the world and public and private indoor places at global level. 

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