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Augmented Reality (AR) in Navigation tells a similar story. AR is enabling everyone to create more engaging stories, understand data better and interact more beautifully with the communities.

Discover a new world with AR 3D maps 

Navigation, which has anyways got totally transformed with digital maps, moving from 2D to 3D, is now gaining unmatched depth with integration of AR. AR 3D mapping tools can help in building really cool content for the new mixed reality world. The AR world depends on dynamic, accurate 3D maps. These maps enable users to discover the world in new innovative ways. AR maps allow you to get vital details about an object just by pointing your phone to it. While navigating, you can view photos, reviews, contact information and more in 3D for points of interest like restaurants, Wi-Fi hotspots, gyms, etc. AR 3D Maps provide a new way to experience what we see, hear and feel. The possibilities are immense and this is the reason the leaders in the mapmaking business are imbibing the technology in their applications at a fast pace.

Maps and AR 

Leading mapmakers have been working towards bringing augmented reality to their maps to provide their users a high level of navigation experience while walking and driving. These applications use the camera on the user’s phone to identify where he or she is. Thereby, instead of just presenting the user with a map, they show direction and details on the display. This way, maps with AR capabilities help the users in choosing the right way to go. With such displays, you are not likely to get lost ever while travelling! Such high level of clarity enhances the user’s navigation experience immensely.

New-age maps with AR capabilities include richer elevation data, additional road colors, rich labels and new 3D landmarks. Advanced technologies are enabling navigation maps to display crosswalks, lanes and even rendered overlapping intersections as the users navigate. AR 3D Maps can make navigation more exciting with innovative features like a moonlight glow over 3D buildings at night! As stated earlier, the possibilities are endless!


While maps and geolocation apps have transformed the way we travel, AR solutions are coming to rescue where the basic maps become limited in their capabilities. Additionally, they are making the navigation experience more enjoyable. AR geolocation shows users exactly where they are and in which direction they need to go to reach their destination. AR maps are a powerful addition to navigation experiences. 

AR in navigation depends on highly accurate 3D Maps. As a leader in this domain, we are well-equipped to be a strong contributor in this transformative journey of mapmakers, app developers, game developers, social engagement platforms and the like. Let’s create smarter routes and more enjoyable immersive experiences together!

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