To transform businesses and promote sustainable development by generating actionable insights using geospatial technologies and services


Digitize the real world


Magnasoft was founded by a group of mapping professionals, and our first big contract was a GIS project for Bangalore Municipality in 2002. Those were the days of paper maps and hard copies, and we used CAD to execute the project!

What began with a simple mapping project has evolved into a geospatial platform that builds 3D content and Digital Twins for clients in several cities around the world.

Today, we solve real-world problems such as ADAS, optical connectivity, vegetation-induced power outages, asset maintenance, sustainable engineering, and development.



We work together and win together
We celebrate our differences
We strive to achieve work/life balance
We always treat each other with respect
We conduct all our business in a transparent manner
We are always honest with our clients, our vendors and with each other


Phaneesh Murthy
Non-Executive Chairman

Phaneesh is an IT industry doyen who has a track record of accelerating the growth and revenues of organizations like Infosys and iGate. He is a prolific business executive and thought leader with over three decades of experience across the Global Technology and Business Services industry.

Previously, Phaneesh was the CEO & President of iGate Corporation and Worldwide Head of Sales and Marketing and Product Solutions Group at Infosys Ltd. Since 2013, he has been advising the leadership at large corporations around areas, such as adopting value networks, maximizing business impact from tech-ops footprint and leveraging emerging technology for maximum value creation.

“I’m very excited about the potential for change arising from digitizing the real world. We will be at the forefront of the transition towards a more sustainable business model for organizations of all kinds.”

Tiger Ramesh
CEO & Board Member

Ramesh Govindan, better known as Tiger Ramesh, joined Magnasoft in September 2022. As Magnasoft scales operations, he aims to lead transformational projects and spearhead Magnasoft’s next chapter of growth.

He has over 30 years of experience in information technology, cyber security, digital customer experience, and management. In his previous role, he was CEO of CSS Corp, a digital customer experience management company acquired by a Swiss private equity firm. Tiger has held senior executive positions at Nortel Networks, Bangalore Labs, and iGate early in his career. A skilled entrepreneur, he specializes in Startups, Sales, Customer Experience Management, Customer Acquisition and Deal Structuring. Tiger is a highly results-oriented executive with extensive experience in the services industry, and an expert at solving complex business problems with technology and consulting.

He is passionate about tiger conservation and wildlife photography.

“What sets us apart are our processes and delivery frameworks that provide real-time visibility for our customers. Once we come on board, we act as an extended arm for our customers. We become one strong team chasing one objective.”

Bobbie H Kalra
Founder & President

Bobbie founded Magnasoft in 2000. As President, he oversees delivery operations, technology innovation, process improvements, customer delight, profitability and value creation.

Bobbie spearheaded the development of our Remote Services Delivery Framework. This has put Magnasoft in position to be one of the most sought-after service providers in the geospatial, design and spatial engineering space. He is excited about the possibilities that are emerging from the technological disruptions that are impacting the geospatial industry.

He is an enthusiastic supporter of the performing arts, and likes to spend his free time attending plays or listening to music.

“We are committed to providing our clients with innovative, custom-tailored solutions that enable them to maximize their investment through actionable insights powered by geospatial intelligence.”

Dr. Hanuman P Chodagam
Head of Customer Success Solutions

Dr. Hanuman joined Magnasoft in 2022. His role is to align our services and solutions to provide value-added benefits to all our customers, ultimately leading to our growth.

Dr. Hanuman holds a Ph.D. in Remote Sensing and a Master’s Degree in Applied Earth Sciences. He is a GIS expert with over 26 years of experience in the field, and has been active in the Geospatial Market since 1997. He believes that an organization’s success is determined by five principles: customer-centricity, communication, collaboration, connection, and customer satisfaction.

His hobbies include trekking and hiking, taking short trips on weekends, and volunteering for social causes. He is also passionate about exploring novel ways of doing business.

Hugo van der Linde
Vice President,
Europe & UK

Hugo advised and supported multiple top geospatial companies worldwide, before entering into a full-time engagement with Magnasoft. He helps grow our business in Europe by matching great customers with our great services.

Hugo has decades of entrepreneurial, executive and geospatial experience. He co-founded and managed several tech companies up to an 8-figure valuation.
He led AND, a publicly listed company that provides mapping and geospatial services, for more than a decade. While he was at the helm, it won the Euronext Best Performer Award twice.

Aside from spending time with his family, he enjoys playing the guitar and jam sessions with his friends.

Mike McGill
Vice President, Sales North America

Mike is driven by bringing people from multiple countries and cultures together to deliver valuable customer results. He is responsible for sales and partnership development in North America, focusing on the telecommunications and electric utility markets.

At an early age, Mike had the opportunity to work on a consulting project in Brazil, which ignited his fire for international business. Since then, he’s done business in over 35 countries and learned that the things we have in common far outweigh our differences. Blending roles in sales, business development, and product management further enhanced Mike’s geographic experience. All things spatial seem to be the common thread through Mike’s 30 years of experience with companies like Autodesk, DigitalGlobe (MAXAR), GDT (TomTom), and ikeGPS. He co-founded Silent Falcon UAS, an emerging leader in applying GIS and AI to FAA runway condition assessments. Having studied international economics in college, Mike has always been a keen observer of global markets. He is passionate about impacting the current trend towards a better balance of local and offshore resources.

As a father to four young adults, Mike spends most of his free time figuring out what he will do when the kids are not around, and when he is not required for school activities. This has led to him getting actively involved in his local community of Erie, Colorado, working in small ways to have a profound impact on future generations of Coloradans.

Arun Kumar
Vice President, US

Arun is an experienced leader in Sales and Solutions with a deep understanding of technology and a demonstrated history of delivering results in the telecommunications industry. He is very passionate about providing excellent value to customers by building relationships and exceeding expectations.

With over 25 years of experience with Service Providers, OEMs, and Engineering firms across the US and India, Arun has the ability to understand the customer pulse and create win-win situations for all stakeholders.

Arun is passionate about giving back to the community and has been working with multiple organizations to serve the underserved. He has been part of teams that have generated over $1,000,000 in fundraisers, benefiting communities in the USA and India. He mentors and coaches teens to help them achieve their goals.

Arun is an avid runner and loves camping, hiking, running, and adventure sports. He enjoys travel and wildlife/nature photography.

Siddaramanna MB
Head of Finance

Siddaramanna has been working with Magnasoft since 2007. As Magnasoft’s Head of Finance, he is responsible for its financial health. He manages risk, seeks out investment opportunities to maintain profitability, and ensures our financial practices are sustainable in the long term.

Siddaramanna has been in the corporate finance industry for over 15 years. At Magnasoft, he oversees capital finance, foreign exchange management, project finance, budgeting, regulatory compliance, and procurement and vendor management. The finance team at Magnasoft constantly monitors trends to ensure that we evolve with the times. This means that he and his team are always learning and looking for new and innovative ways to do things. His ultimate goal is to make sure that we are not just profitable today but also prepared for tomorrow.

Besides work, he enjoys spending time with his family, connecting with friends, and learning new things.

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